Mumbai: MMRDA finds irregularities in allotment of office space at Wadala Truck Terminal

The inquiry conducted by MMRDA into alleged irregularities by Bombay Goods and Transport Association (BGTA) with regards to the allotment of office space at Wadala Truck Terminal (WTT) has concluded that were abnormalities in the procedure. The BGTA members have been asked to issue a clarification.

In the month of July, mid-day had done a story (Wadala Truck Terminal: 'Allocation of office space at terminal laced with fraud’) in which it was stated there are allegedly several members of BGTA, who own more than one office at the structures that the BGTA had constructed on the land which was given by MMRDA to BGTA at Wadala TT.

MMRDA had written a letter in the month of December to BGTA regarding alleged irregularities that took place while allotting plots at twelve locations at the Wadala truck terminus. The letter was written after BD Goel, a member of BGTA, and others had complained MMRDA regarding the irregularities.

MMRDA in its letter has also admitted that irregularities took place while allotting plots. It has also been stated that, in March 2014, the agreement to lease has ended and no extension of the lease has been done, which also means that those members are having illegal possession of the premises.

The MMRDA has asked BGTA for a clarification on the number of allotments done at WTT to its members. “We have written letter to BGTA and have asked them for clarification as we have found that the number of allotments have been done to non-members of BGTA. We have also asked them to provide us with the list of the existing members and the list in which the names of allottes is mentioned,” said a MMRDA official. The letter adds that the authorities must reply at the earliest

In 1990’s, MMRDA had allotted nearly 18-hectares of land on sub-lease to BGTA and MAHASANG, which are federations, and associations of transporters. The main aim behind giving the land was to decongest South Mumbai area and make it pollution free.

When the plot was allotted, Wadala was considered as an outer area as there was not much connectivity and so not many people were keen on moving there. But, over the years, there has been huge development and with projects like monorail and eastern freeway coming in and metro project on cards, the area is looked upon as a potential business hub. MMRDA also has plans to move out the truck terminus out of Wadala.

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