Apurva Tandel is out of danger
Apurva Tandel is out of danger

Days after stray dogs mauled an 8-year-old boy to death in Bhiwandi, an 8-year-old girl was attacked by 15-20 stray dogs at the Arnala beach on Thursday. The girl survived the attack, but it left her with severe bruises.

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The victim, identified as Apurva Mahadev Tandel, resides in Nalekar Pada. Sources said she would often play at the beach as her house was close to it. On Thursday evening, she was heading home from there after it began raining, when the dogs, who were looking for food in the strewn garbage, surrounded her and began to bite her. Apurva shouted for help and a few people managed to save her and rushed her to a nearby hospital. She is now out of danger.

Apurva’s father Mahadev works as a sweeper for the Vasai Virar Municipal Corporation (VVMC). He told mid-day, “Doctors say Apurva is seriously injured and in shock. She will take two to three more days to recover from the shock.”

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Dr. Snehal Sutar from Sahyog hospital, where Apurva has been admitted, said, “The girl was soaked in blood and there were countless wounds on her chest, neck, back, belly, shoulder, arms and legs. Some wounds were quite serious; the kind I’ve never seen. She is in shock and it will take her time to recover from it. We’re taking opinions of some senior doctors regarding the deep wounds she has.” mid-day tried to contact VVMC civic chief Satish Lokhande, but he remained unavailable for comment.