This had to be some bitter chocolate to bite into. Especially for a premium wholesaler in south Mumbai, Nadeem Khanda, who returned from the religious pilgrimage of Haj only to discover that his own collection boy had duped him of Rs 12.52 lakh. Though the police was able to nab accused Farid Qureshi (30), they have been able to recover just around Rs 18,900 yet.

No collections
The wholesaler's office makes a weekly or monthly collection and deposits it into the bank. Qureshi's job was to transport the money as directed by Khanda. From December 5, 2016, Khanda was on a 10-day trip to Saudi Arabia, but he was in touch with his manager. While there, he asked his accountant to deposit Rs 4.52 lakh in a bank at Ballard Pier.

The money was handed over to Qureshi, who assured he would return soon. When he didn't turn up, the accountant tried to call him, but found his phone switched off. The next day, he visited Qureshi's house in Kurla where he learned that he had fled to Kanpur. On Khanda's return, he was informed about this. It was then that he recollected he had also asked Qureshi to collect R8 lakh from a business associate in Mulund and deposit it in his account, which never came through.

Police says
A cop said, "An FIR under Section 408 of the IPC was registered against Qureshi. While probing the matter, we located him to Kanpur and arrested him.