The jackal that was rescued and then died in captivity.

In what can be described as one of the rarest of rare deaths to take place in Mumbai, a jackal that was rescued from Vikhroli recently died at Sanjay Gandhi National Park (SGNP) due to eating too fast.

The jackal that was rescued and then died in captivity.

Confirming the same, the Veterinary Officer at SGNP said , "The jackal was brought to SGNP on May 24 night and the animal was found dead at 6 am on May 26. The animal had eaten chicken in the evening and had water. As per the postmortem report, the beast died to asphyxia due to regurgitation of feed causing choking of oesophagus and pharynx."

On May 27 , mid-day had done a story in which it was stated that in a rescue operation, conducted by the NGO RAWW, an injured sub-adult male jackal was rescued near the Godrej staff quarters in Vikhroli east in Mumbai.

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Last Wednesday, the team of volunteers from NGO RAWW had safely rescued the male golden jackal. The mammal was separated from its pack and chased by a group of dogs after which it landed up in a residential society sharing boundaries with its mangrove habitat.

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As there has been reports of human-jackal conflict in the area, the residents in the localaity panicked after spotting the jackal near their premises. Earlier this month, there were a number of human-jackal conflicts reported in the eastern suburbs of Ghatkopar, where some people were reportedly bitten by one.

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In an attempt to find an escape route, the distressed and traumatised animal fell into a deep pit where it suffered some injuries and from which it was unable to get out. A distress call was given to the NGO's helpline and at the same time Amar Deshpande from Godrej alerted them about the same. With a quick intimation to the forest department, the RAWW team sent its rescue team led by Chinmay Joshi and Pratik Bhanushali along with 6 rescuers Adwait V Jadhav , Rajiv VKaliwada, Vivek, Niraj, SaiyyamDharamshi, Mitesh Raimangya two volunteers Aman Shah,Yash Shah and ambulance to ensure smooth rescue.

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In order to see the jackal, many people had also gathered but the rescue team did effective crowd management. The jackal was safely rescued after a 20-minute operation and transported in a fibre cage to SGNP (Sanjay GandhiNational Park) for initiating further treatment and actions.

But, tragically, they couldn't save him.