Mumbai: Mother attempts suicide after poisoning her children

Mumbai news Mumbai Kalachowkie murder suicide attempt woman kills children

Fed up with their constant fights and mischievous behaviour, a woman poisoned her two children and attemped to commit suicide after the deed. The 38-year-old is a resident of Kalachowkie area in Mumbai. She is currently undergoing treatment at KEM Hospital in Parel.

Although she is recovering and reportedly out of danger, both her children succumbed to the poison after four days.

According to a report by The Times of India, the police have registered a case against her and will arrest her as soon as she's dishcarged.

She made her two children soft drink laced with poison as she was fed up with their constant bickering. The woman named Sushma lost her temper after her children Tanuja and Anuj went out of play despite being told to study for their upcoming exams. This caused her to take the extreme step. This incident occurred on November 29, according to Kalachowkie police sources.

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