Mumbai: Parents claims Mulund school has been lying about CBSE affiliation

Parents of a school in Mulund (East) are fuming because the school had allegedly been claiming to be affiliated to CBSE even though it lacks affiliation to any board; they protested in front of the school yesterday and even approached the police to file an FIR

Parents of students studying in a school in Mulund (East) are furious because the authorities have allegedly been lying to them through their teeth, including about something as basic and crucial as being affiliated to a board.

The school’s principal said that the process of getting the affiliation as well as the NOC will be completed this academic year. Pic/Sameer Markande
The school’s principal said that the process of getting the affiliation as well as the NOC will be completed this academic year. Pic/Sameer Markande

The parents allege that they have been kept in the dark about R R Educational Trust’s lack of affiliation for years, and that the school had been claiming to be affiliated to the CBSE board all along. The school is also reportedly facing a fund crunch and is yet to get an NOC from the education department after it changed its name and location in 2014.

The situation at the school, which runs classes from Std I-VIII, is so bad that out of its 163 students, 109 recently applied for their leaving certificates and, despite assurances from the authorities, the remaining 54 are wondering if it will continue to function.

Parents held a protest at the school yesterday and an education department official was also present, who spoke both to them and the school authorities. The parents also tried to register an FIR with the Navghar police in Mulund on Monday, but were refused.

“We went again yesterday and the officials recorded our statements. They have assured us that the FIR will be registered after they speak to the education department,” said a parent.

No clarity
“On the last day of the exams in the first week March, we were informed that the school has no funds and was facing some problems with the trustees. Many parents then withdrew their students from the school.

Monday was supposed to be the first day of the new academic year and only 30 students attended, as we are confused about what the school’s status is. Only one or two students showed up in each class yesterday as well, and no classes were held.

We are outraged that the school had been lying to us about the CBSE affiliation all these years,” said a parent. She added that the school, previously named Rudraksh International School, was located in Mulund Colony. It shifted to a new building in Mulund’s MHADA Colony in 2014 and was renamed R R Educational Trust.

“We were told the shift was to get more space for children, with a playground and other amenities, but none of these promises were fulfilled. Now we are helpless,” she added.

“The school authorities have been cheating us for all these years by calling themselves a CBSE school, when they didn’t even bother to get the affiliation. It is also yet to get an NOC from the education department.

It is high time they get punished for taking all of us for granted. We don’t even know if the school will function for the entire academic year,” said another parent.

The other side
When mid-day contacted the school principal, she said that the parents had asked for the school-leaving certificate themselves. “Parents got a little worried and, hence, parents of 109 students out of 163 demanded the leaving certificates, and we could not deny them the same.

We were supposed to get the CBSE affiliation last year but the inspection has not happened as yet. The process should finish this academic year and things will fall in place,” said Devindra Thakkar, principal of the school. She added that the school would get the NOC this year and continue to function with the number of students it has left.

According to guidelines laid down by CBSE, a student can appear for the Std X CBSE exams only if they finish Std IX and Std X in a CBSE-affiliated school. “Since we still don’t have the affiliation, we can’t run Std IX and Std X, but once we get the affiliation, we will run classes till Std X,” added Thakkar.



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