Rajesh Bhosle and Akash Rai

Two youngsters fell in the severely water-logged area near Manikpur lake in Vasai, while riding home on their bike, yesterday.

Rajesh Bhosle, 32 and Akash Rai, 26, both residents of Veer Sawarkar Nagar in Anand Nagar, Vasai, were headed home on a Honda Activa bike, when they reached the road near Manikpur lake. The water level had risen so much that they were unable to tell where the road ended and the lake began, and rode straight into the deep water.

Although Rai's body and the bike have been found, the Manikpur police, fire brigade and local municipal authorities continued to search for Bhosle at the time of going to press.

Prakash Rodrigues, a local from the area, said, "The two friends were returning home around 11pm, when some locals spotted them falling into the lake. The incident happened as the Manikpur lake area was flooded. Adding to it was the total blackout in the area as there was no electricity."