Mumbai's Regional Transport Offices to remain open on Dusshera

The Transport department on Friday has issued a circular to different RTOs asking them to keep offices open on Sunday. Normally on Dusshera, people tend to register their vehicles as it is considered as an auspicious day. During the last day of Navratri, many cars, scooters and bikes are registered and taken delivery back home.

People normally prefer registering their vehicles and completing all formalities and then take their vehicles home on day of Dusshera. The RTO officials claim that during these couple of days on Dusshera the registration of new vehicles doubles.

’’On a regular day at least 250 cars and two wheelers are registered. This number touches 500 registrations during Dusshera,’’ said Bharat Kalaskar, deputy RTO, Andheri (Western suburbs).

Similarly, the situation is more or less the same at Tardeo (city) and Wadala (eastern) RTOs. On an average 150-200 vehicles gets registered at these two RTOs and it also doubles during Dusshera.

However, the RTO officials are cribbing over the fact that they will be working on a Sunday. Meanwhile, sources claim that ideally Saturday would have been better as on the day of Dusshera people prefer taking the vehicles home than complete formalities at the RTO premises.

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