A museum devoted to the Cup Noodle would be opened in Japan next week

The Cup Noodles Museum in Yokohama, southwest of Tokyo, is aimed to enable the visitors to trace the origins of the instant snack back to its postwar roots with the creation of the original "Chikin Ramen" cup noodles in 1958.

The iconic food creation, consisting of a precooked block of noodles requiring only hot water, a packet of flavouring and three minutes preparation time, has been a popular Japanese snack for decades, The Telegraph reports.

The museum, run by the noodles empire Nissin, will also allow visitors to explore how the snack has developed into a favourite food product across the globe over the subsequent decades, the paper said.

The organizers have also created computer-generated characters for a screening in a theatre charting the successes and beliefs of the late cup noodle creator and Nissin founder Momofuku Ando.

There is also a interactive Cup Noodle Park for children.