Music aficionados, don't miss these Masterclasses

Oct 07, 2013, 04:46 IST | Soma Das

Over the next few days, the True School of Music will host Masterclasses on topics ranging from beatboxing to techniques of using the drum machine.

On October 8, Jazz pianist Jim Dunloop will host an interactive workshop on Maschine, a hardware from Native Instruments that helps you create tracks by using it as a drum machine to create instant grooves and beats. On October 9, German beatboxer Soulrock, will host an advanced beatboxing session. From the basics of making the sounds to learning about beat structure, it will get the crowds to participate and create a beatbox composition.

On October 10, DJ and turntablist, Marc Hype from Germany will jam with German Jazz pianist Jim Dunloop. They will explain different techniques such as creating a drum beat, adding basslines and melodies, and applying scratch intros and choruses. So, if music runs in your veins, and you wish to learn more, don’t miss this chance.

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