Dear Diana,
I have been with this girl for the past seven months. My close buddy also often hangs out with us. There is nothing that I hide from my friend. But, of late, my friend has been behaving strange. It appears that he has fallen for my girl. The first hint was that whenever we decided to meet, my pal and she would always be there much before I arrived at the decided venue. This was not the scene earlier as my girl is a habitual latecomer. Three weeks ago, one of my other pals saw the two together at a coffee shop at a mall in Malad. I immediately called her and asked her whereabouts, she said she was at home. It was a blatant lie. I then dialled my pal's number and he said he was out with his family. The two are having an affair, but I do not know how to accost them. I need to catch them redhanded. What should I do? Should I confront them? Or just dump her?
— Vrajesh

Illustration/Uday Mohite
Illustration/Uday Mohite

Dear Vrajesh,
You cannot point a finger at your pal alone as your girlfriend is equally to blame. They have been having an affair behind your back and, thanks to another friend who spotted them together at a coffee shop, made you realise that things were amiss. It is clear that she has the hots for your buddy. You need to confront both of them together. They will obviously lie, but from their reactions you will know that they had been hiding their clandestine meetings from you. Both of them have betrayed the trust you had in them. You need to make it clear to your girlfriend that she will have to choose. Anyways, the trust in her is broken, and things will never be the same between you two. If you are willing to forgive your girl and pal, take her back or let them be. It will be difficult for you as you will lose your friend as well as the girl you cared for, but time will heal.