'My best friend is acting weird...'

Dear Diana,
Ever since, I befriended this guy eight months ago, my best buddy has started behaving strange. Her attitude towards me has changed drastically. She acts weird and finds several faults in him. When we hang out together, she sulks if I do not give adequate attention to her. It is as if she detests his presence. Things were not like this before I told her that I am attracted to this guy. I have known her since my school days and we have been the best of friends for years. When I ask about her changed attitude, she says that there is nothing to it and that I am overreacting to whatever she says. The presence of this guy in my life is causing a dent in our friendship. I do not want to lose my pal because of this guy. I do not know what the future holds for me on my relationship front, but my friend is for keeps.
— Pariba

Dear Pariba,
You have a demanding friend. There are many people whose bonding with their besties takes a toll when a partner enters the scene. All these years, it was you and her. Now the equation has changed. It is you, she and your guy. As they say, three is a crowd. Your bestie is feeling threatened by your guy's presence. She has formed an opinion about him, but you may not see reason in it as you are in love with him. As you are spending more and more time with him, than with her, she might be feeling left out. You need to tell her that your friendship with her is for keeps. Presently, you are unsure about your future with this guy, so there is no need for your friend to be alarmed by his presence. You need to tell her that a friend has his own space and a partner his and that you need both. Also, do not drag her along whenever you are hanging out with your guy. Make time for your pal as well as your partner. You will have to strike a balance to make both happy.

Diana will solve it!
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