He is overpowering most of the time and keeps cracking dirty sex jokes. The worst part is some of my colleagues even laugh at them and encourage his filthy humour. How do I tackle this menace?
— Mahesh

Illustration/ Amit Bandre

Dear Mahesh,
The more you react and display your irritation to his filthy jokes, the more he will go around cracking them. Just ignore them. When a joke session is going on, take a coffee break or just step away from your workstation. There are many guys who feel cracking such jokes is a guy thing. They get a strange kick out of it. As the others are joining in the fun, you will be labelled as a prude. So it is better to live and let live. Meanwhile find someone else in office who too feels offended by his jokes. If there are quite a few, you can approach the HR department to tell him to go easy on his jokes.

Diana will solve it!
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