'My dad is cheating on my mom...'

Dear Diana,
My father is having an affair, but my mother is not willing to leave him. I have tried convincing my mother many times as she is going through hell. She tells me how will we survive. I am still studying. I understand there will be major financial problems, but eventually we can manage. What solution can I find to this major problem?
- Archie

Illustration/Amit Bandre
Illustration/Amit Bandre

Dear Archie,
Your mother is going through hell and bearing it silently for your sake. You are still studying so there will be no source of income if you decide to move out. Right now you are studying, may be in the near future when you start working, she might be able to take the decision.

By nagging her about walking out, you are only creating more hell for her. Let her be for the moment, she has her reasons so give her a helping hand. He is your father so it is his responsibility to care for you. By walking out on him, things will get even more easier for him as that is what he wants. Do not let him go off so easily. Let him realise that he is having an extramarital affair and ruining your mom’s life.

Dear Diana,
I happened to meet one of my school friends during our reunion after 21 years. We got friendly and he proposed to me. He has been divorced twice, so I had my apprehensions. Things worked out between us, but his mother is not ready for me as she feels I’m too rude and aggressive.
- Amrita

Dear Amrita,
His mother has her fears too as he has been divorced twice, so she wants to ensure that things work out for him the third time. She finds you rude and aggressive due to your body language. The guy needs to calm her down and explain to her that this is not the case. Being hostile will make things worse, so tread with caution.

Diana will solve it!
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