My doggy dearest

Sep 14, 2011, 10:38 IST | Urmimala Banerjee

If there's someone Udita Goswami loves more than herself, it's her pet dogs. The lady has three of them, Dorren, Nemo and Babe, who give you a warm welcome when you enter the house. It takes CS almost an hour to get the three canines to pose together for a shoot. Udita too, is quite drained out by the end of it, but of course her pets aren't. She then sit down to discuss her best friends with us:

Who: Udita Goswami
What: Talking about her family - Doreen, Nemo and Babe
Where: At her Lokhandwala residence

It's a dog's world
The oldest one is a Dalmatian named Dorren, while the middle one is a Lhasa- Pekinese called Nemo. Babe, the youngest one is a stray that I adopted from the streets. I always wanted to adopt a stray and one day I spotted this dog with her litter of puppies near my building. One of them was handicapped and neglected, as it couldn't run to feed itself. So, I stole her and brought her home. After medication and care, she recovered in no time and was frolicking all around. That's my darling Babe! My dogs have different personalities. Dorren is like my dad, quiet and docile while Babe is a complete whacko. She is friendlier with men than women. I can say that she simply loves guys. Nemo is very cute, but she can be a little unpredictable.

Playing mom
I grew up in a big home in Delhi with two-three pets. When I first came to Mumbai, I got my Cocker Spaniel with me, but she couldn't adjust to living in a flat. Then, my mom sent Dorren, who was a little pup then. She is actually born in Dehradun, my hometown. I got Nemo a couple of years later and Babe is just a few years old. My mom is also a dog lover like me. But dad isn't too fond of animals. And my pets also understand that and leave him alone. If he's in the living room, then they'll go and play in the bedroom. My life revolves around my dogs. Whenever, I am travelling, I make sure that there's someone at home to look after them properly. I tell everyone, if I can look after my dogs, I can look after anyone in this world.

Keep it simple, silly
When I hear people bragging about the fact that they have exotic breeds at home, like say Siberian Huskies, I feel sad. They don't understand how difficult it is for those dogs to survive in city as hot and humid as Mumbai. There's no point in keeping a pet just to show off. Also, I don't like the idea of sending your pets to salons for manicures, pedicures, etc. I bathe my dogs, and also trim their nails myself. My dogs eat whatever I eat, rotis, rice, chicken, etc. It's silly to feed your dogs boiled food to keep them in shape (laughs out loud). I believe all that your pets need is love, exercise and a bit of discipline.

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