Dear Diana,
I am confused whether to give my marriage a second chance. The only reason I am willing to give it a try is because of my young daughter. My husband had a fling with an office colleague. I got to know about it and when I confronted him he admitted to it. For six months even though we lived in the same house, our communication was limited. We would go together to family events and our daughter's school functions only. I did not want to create a scene in front of outsiders, so never spoke about it to outsiders. Now he has quit his job and taken up a new assignment in Qatar. He says it is over between him and the woman. He says he is genuinely sorry for what he did. He wants to start afresh and the sole reason he wants to relocate. He is telling me to give him a second chance. At the same time, I cannot forget the hurt he caused me for months. If we had no children I would have not given him a second chance. Should I trust him and accept him back? From his behaviour he appears to be full of remorse and regret.
— Raavee

Illustration/Amit Bandre
Illustration/Amit Bandre 

Dear Raavee,
It looks like your husband is indeed sorry and is trying hard to make amends. He went astray and your anger is justified. At the same time, he has accepted that what he did was wrong and has asked for forgiveness. It will not be easy for you to do it due to the hurt he has caused you. But for the sake of your young daughter, you are willing to give it another shot. The fact that he is relocating is clear that he wants to be away from the scene here. If you do not want to walk out of the marriage, then you will have to give him a second chance. It will not be easy, but as you say for the sake of your daughter you will have to give it a chance. Things will not be the same as before, but your hubby will try to woo you, so let him give it his best shot. Also, let the past remain where it is if you want to keep the marriage going.