'My ex-boyfriend wants me back in his life...'

Dear Diana,
I was with this guy for three years. We split last October. I needed time to sort my head out as I was going through a bad phase. Things were not going fine for me professionally and my best friend and granny passed away a few weeks apart from each other. I was shocked and too much was happening to me at the same time. May be I was acting difficult, but at that time I felt my guy was not supporting me. I needed a shoulder to cry on and he was just not around when I needed him. He maintained a distance from me. He felt, at that time, I needed to grieve, so it was better that he was not around. He thought I was better off with my family and pals in my moments of pain and grief. I was angry with him. Last week, out of the blue, my ex messaged me saying that he is waiting for me and wants me back in his life. I now realise that I’m not over him either. At the same time, I am angry with him for his behaviour at that time. Should I give him a second chance?
- Helen

Illustrations/Amit Bandre

Dear Helen,
May be your guy felt you were better off with your family members and close pals at that time. As you had lost your grandmother and best buddy just weeks apart, he gave you time off to grieve. At the same time, he should not have just left you in the lurch when you needed him the most. It could be also that he did not know how to handle the situation so he felt it was best to let you be. Tell him exactly how you feel, he needs to be told in no uncertain terms that what he did was wrong. What if he had gone through a bad phase? How would he have felt if you had just left him. If you are willing to forget and forgive, take him back in your life. Give him another chance as you nor he has been able to overcome each other.

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