'My girlfriend bullies me a lot...'

Dear Diana,
I'm 23 and my girlfriend is 26. She is of a dominating nature. If I do anything that she does not like, she has a go at me. She makes such a hue and cry about it besides making me feel that I have done something terribly wrong. At times, she can be this nice, sweet person, but not for long. She always bullies me into doing things the way she wants to. If she does not get her way, she cries foul. I am fed up of this behaviour. When I ask her she tells me to shut up as she is older to me.
— Rishi

Illustration/ Amit Bandre
Illustration/ Amit Bandre 

Dear Rishi,
Your woman is certainly a dominating woman. She is using you quite a bit, try talking to her about it. When she tells you that she is older to you, tell her that in a relationship both partners are equal. If her behaviour is irritating you, then maybe you should give a serious thought whether you want to continue in the relationship.

Dear Diana,
I am married with kids, but have fallen for an office colleague who is single. She is well aware of it, but she keeps telling me that she wants to be my best buddy. I try to meet her outside office, but she is too scared of getting caught. I have never met a woman like her before. Whenever I see her, I do not know what happens to me. It is as if I want to be with her all my life.
— Kumar

Dear Kumar,
Being a close pal of an office colleague is okay, but you are crossing the line. That will be a big problem for you as it will be termed an extra marital affair. The woman is aware of your feelings, but is sensible enough to caution you. She does not want to lose you as a friend, but you see her as a lover. If you have a relationship with her, it will cause an upheaval in your professional and personal life. It will affect her as well as you and your families. So tread with caution.

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