'My girlfriend is not keen on marriage'

Feb 28, 2014, 06:30 IST | Dear Diana

Dear Diana,
I've been with my girlfriend since my college days. We are 26 now. When I talk about marriage, my girlfriend shows no interest. She tells me her folks think that I am just her buddy. I feel I'm wasting my time with her. Should I call it quits? I feel she will end up marrying someone of her family's choice.
— Aniruddh

Illustration: Amit Bandre
Illustration: Amit Bandre 

Dear Aniruddh,
Marriage can happen later, but at least there should be commitment. Your girlfriend is in no mood to even admit that you are her guy. It looks like she is just using you as you are showering her with attention. What stopped her from telling her parents all this while that you are more than just a friend? Give her time to think and if she is not ready to commit, I suggest you break off with her and find someone who reciprocates your love.

Dear Diana,
Ever since our marriage was fixed, my fiancee has been behaving strangely. She has already drawn up a list of demands. She also wants her widowed mother to stay with us. My family is based in Cuttack and I stay in a rented place in suburban Mumbai. What is irritating me is her constant list of demands. I now have doubts whether I should continue in the relationship.
— Gyan

Dear Gyan,
Your fiancee is showing all signs of being a nagging wife. She is now showing her true colours and is being unreasonable and demanding. Her mom can come and stay for extended periods, but laying down conditions is taking things a bit too far. Sit down and sort out the issues. If she is in no mood to take any heed, go your way. This woman is sure going to be problematic for you.

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