'My guy has been cheating on me...'

Dear Diana,
I have been with my boyfriend for over a year. Two months ago, we began living together. Once we moved in together things became a little rocky in our relationship. Things were not like how it was before when we were not living in. My major concern was that till late night he would either surf the net or be glued to his cell phone. He would say it was work related, but once I snatched his laptop and cell phone. I found out that he was chatting with a female and there were some lovey- dovey text messages from a number he had saved as 'office'. I was shocked. When I created a scene, he said that there was another woman in his life. He said he met her around the same time we began living in. He claimed she made him feel wanted. I feel cheated and humiliated. We were sharing the costs of the house which I know he cannot pay alone. He wants me to stick around till the lease expires. He is apologetic, but I no longer trust him.
— Sonarika

Illustration/Amit Bandre
Illustration/Amit Bandre 

Dear Sonarika,
You can no longer trust this guy. He may say that he is sorry, but chances are that he is doing this as you are sharing the rent and other costs. You need to get going in your life. Let him cough up the money for the rent and other household expenses. He cheated on you so let him pay the price for it. Had you not moved in with him, you might have not known the presence of the other woman in his life or may have realised it at a later stage. This man certainly does not need your love. A relationship is based on trust. This man has broken it, so there is nothing left in the relationship. Get packing and find someone worthy of your love.

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