Dear Diana,
My boyfriend initially appeared to be a nice guy, but now I have realised that he is one insecure and suspicious person. I go nuts with his long list of demands. He wants me to be totally under his control. I have to call him and tell him about my whereabouts the entire day. I have to inform him if I am running late. If we have planned a movie outing, he goes hopping mad if I am not there before him at the multiplex. He also doubts me even when I go for my morning walks. He feels I have befriended some guy in the park and creates conspiracy theories about my affair with the guy. I cannot take him any more, but at the same time he splurges me with gifts and holidays. What do I do? I have voiced my concerns to his sister who I know well. She tells me this is his way of showing he cares for me.
- Sancheeta

Dear Diana

Dear Sancheeta,
His sister may say this is his way of showing he cares, but his behaviour is enough to drive anyone up the wall. You are sure to go crazy with this guy. His family members may be used to it and pander to him, so he has always had his way. But I see no reason why you should be at his beck and call. It is better to call off the relationship. The way your guy is going, he will soon end up to be a psycho and need counselling. Your man is unnecessarily creating a problem where there isn’t any. Moreover, he is of a suspicious nature, so he is making life hell for you. The faster you get out of the relationship it is better for you. You don’t want to end up with a man who controls your every move. It’s good that you saw this side of his before marriage, or he would have made life a living hell for you. Ask him to change his controlling behaviour, if he does not, it is better you go your way.