'My guy lacks personal hygiene...'

Dear Diana,
I am friendly with this guy in college. We get along well and always hang out together. Our pals tease us about being a couple. He's a cool dude except for the scant attention he pays to personal hygiene. As he is always late, at most times he is always in a big rush. So he's sweaty and at times stinking. His perspiration smells bad often. Often, it gets uncomfortable around him. I do not know how to tell him as I am unaware of how he will react. I have been dropping hints like gifting him deodorants and body sprays, but he says he is always in a rush so forgets to spray them while leaving home. How do I tell him to take care of personal hygiene?
— Anjorie


Dear Anjorie,
Tell him to carry the deo or body sprays in his bag, so he can spray it often throughout the day. Gift him the miniature versions which can easily fit into a pant or shirt's pockets. Talk about the humid weather in Mumbai and how the stink of sweat makes you nauseous. You can also suggest that he apply talcum powder on his body after a bath — there are so many varieties available for men. I am sure he will then get the hint and understand. If not, then tell him about it. If he likes you, he won't be offended. He will then take extra effort to ensure that he steps out neat and clean. Some people sweat profusely. If you feel he is sweating excessively, it could be a medical condition and may need to see a doctor.

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