'My hubby is hooked to social media...'

Dear Diana,
I'm a 29-year-old married woman. My husband is a musician so does not keep fixed hours at work and remains mostly involved in social networking sites. I'm a working woman myself, but his work is more leisure than toil. Most of the time, he indulges in online chatting with friends, posting his videos and songs. I find this behaviour disturbing. Whenever I confront him, he says he's not doing anything wrong. I know for sure that he is also chatting with women.
— Yagnika

Illustration/Amit Bandre
Illustration/Amit Bandre 

Dear Yagnika,
You work fixed hours so are unaware what he is up to throughout the day. If he is hooked to social media, there is nothing wrong with it. You are assuming that he is chatting with female friends, so what? As he is a musician he has his fans and maybe he interacts with them. As long as he is not crossing the line there is no cause for alarm. It was your choice to get married to a musician and you were aware about his erratic hours, so there is no point complaining now. Find a way out in which you two can spend time together.

Dear Diana,
My guy and I were serious about each other. Our parents didn't know about it. He is now getting married to someone of his family's choice. As far as I remember, he didn't even mention that his folks were looking for a girl for him. Now he blames me saying that it was your idea to hide the facts from the family. I am totally broken and don't know what to do. Now the guy says he does not want to have any relationship with me.
— Samika

Dear Samika,
You were a fool to believe that the guy would stand up for you. If he was interested in you, he would have told his folks about you. The very fact that he did not is clear that he was not serious about you. There is no point indulging in a blame game now. Get going your way and find someone who reciprocates your love.

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