'My husband is behaving strange...'

Dear Diana,
I have been married for eight years. We are a middle-class family. We have a daughter who is six years old. Life is tough, but we are managing. Things were fine till about four months ago, when my husband started behaving strange. He would come home late night almost every day. Even though he has weekends off, he would say he has work and not return till late night. This has been going on for a while and my husband is not saying what is going on. Last week, around 2.30 am he suddenly got up from sleep. He woke me up to say that he was feeling hungry. He said he felt like eating a cheese sandwich. I quickly rushed to make him a sandwich. But by the time I returned, he was getting ready to leave. He said he was going to Pune for a meeting. He told me to pack the sandwich along with tea in a flask. He left and did not return for three days. Whenever I would call on his cell phone, he would say he is busy. He is back home, but refuses to say for what he travelled to Pune. I think something is amiss. What should I do?
— Sagarica

Dear Diana

Dear Sagarica,
It is rather strange that your hubby is hiding things from you. He needs to tell you what is going on. It is clear that something is troubling him. It could be on the workfront, but there is no reason to be evasive. He does not care for you even though you are worried sick. Your husband seems to be the least concerned about you. He knows that what he is doing is wrong, yet he continues with his strange behaviour. He cannot just disappear and then appear in your life. It is his duty to tell you his whereabouts. There is no point jumping to conclusions and falling prey to idle talk. There could be a genuine reason that is causing havoc in his life. Tell him that you need to know the truth and may be he needs help.

Diana will solve it!
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  • Sabrina Morris17-Aug-2017

    Good day,,,,My name is Sabrina Morris am from USA, am a woman who love and cherish my husband more than any other thing you can imagine on earth continent. My husband was so lovely and caring after 3years of marriage he was seriously ill and the doctor confirm and said he has a kidney infection that he needed a kidney donor, that was how I start searching for a good Samaritan who can help, doctor has given me a periodic hour that he will live just 23hours left, that was how I ask the doctor if

  • Krishan Wadhwa11-Mar-2016

    Dear Sagarica.. as its said.. CURIOSITY KILLS THE CAT... rather than living curious why not hire a detective and get your answers with proof.

  • Byomkesh11-Mar-2016

    Hello, Please can we have some sensible and useful answers rather than just repeat of questions?? Is this Diana even qualified?? Please change the person so answers can really help questioners.

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