'My husband keeps talking on the phone...'

Dec 26, 2015, 06:00 IST | Dear Diana

Dear Diana,
For a while now, I have been noticing that my husband spends more time with his phone than with us. He is constantly stuck to the cell phone when he gets back from work. He does not like to talk in front of us, but steps out to indulge in long conversations. It appears as if he is waiting for someone’s call. When the cell does not ring for long, he appears agitated and calms down only when it rings and he has completed his conversation. He also seems to be distracted and his mind is always somewhere else. It is as if he is physically at home, but mentally away. I often feel there is another woman in his life. What should I do? He did not behave in this manner earlier, but for the past three months he prefers to be glued to his phone. When I ask him about the phone calls, he gives me evasive replies.
— Rashmi

Dear Daina

Dear Rashmi,
You say he was not like this before, but in recent times you find him glued to his cell phone. So it is clear that there is someone who has something to tell him all the while. You do not know who it is, so you are speculating that there is another woman in his life. It could be, it could be not. But at the same time what has stopped you from asking him what is on his mind? It could be something on the business front or perhaps he is working on a new business deal that requires him to be constantly on the phone to strike out deals. Till you do not know who the other person is, there is no need to worry. May be your hubby does not want to reveal too much at this juncture so as to not spoil his plans. This perhaps could also be the reason why he is pre-occupied and mentally somewhere else. I think you need to have a frank chat with him. He could be stressed about something, so he has been talking to someone to put things in perspective. Put your speculations to rest and strike a conversation with him.

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