Pune: “My husband is innocent. He only filmed the duo to show seniors the wrongful practices being carried out in the premises,” claims Swapna Mahadik, wife of Prakash Mahadik, who is accused of allegedly filming the rape of a 25-year-old female employee at the Pune Infosys campus. The woman was raped by Paritosh Bagh (21), an employee at the Infosys canteen.

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Swapna returned to Pune yesterday after hearing the news of her husband being arrested. Speaking to mid-day, she said, “My husband respects women a lot. Regarding Sunday’s incident, he told me that he saw the duo in the toilet in an objectionable position and captured images as proof, just to show his senior about the wrongful practices being carried out. But before he could tell them on Monday, he was arrested in a fabricated case.”

Prakash Mahadik filmed the act while canteen cleaner Paritosh Bagh (below) raped her in the women's washroom

She added, “I know my husband is innocent because he would never indulge in such activities. Last week, he had a scuffle with some youths in our area, who were teasing a woman. If my husband had a part to play in the case, he should be penalised.”

‘Gentleman by nature’
Mahadik’s brother Mahendra said, “My brother is not even addicted to liquor and is a gentleman by nature. I also worked in the same premises for two years, and I know the area well. My brother has been working in the premises for the last six years and he was awarded by his agency for his good work several times.”

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He adds, “The canteen is situated at the B3 building, while the incident took place at B12 building. The canteen also has a toilet facility, then why did the victim take the risk of going to an isolated area.”

“It’s sad the way my brother is being portrayed in the media. I know he has clicked images and it is wrong, but his intention was not wrong.

He has no role in the rape or in blackmailing,” said Mahendra.

Prabhakar Shetty, who runs the Infosys canteen said, “Bagh has been working in the same canteen for the last six months and we have done his police verification as well. But the nature of the incident is horrible. Henceforth, we will be taking stringent steps to avoid such undue incidents.”

Supreme Agency supervisor Sanjay Shinde alias Patole, refused to comment on the issue, despite repeated attempts to contact him.