Dear Diana,
I'm a 25-year old Delhite who recently moved to Mumbai. I've got no complaints and am adjusting quite well. I have got a good job and am making new friends too. Everything is well except for my landlady who is a bit weird. She keeps looking for excuses to meet me when I'm alone in my room. Her moves are very suggestive as she keeps touching me for no reason. Maybe it's her personality but since she's married, I don't wish to create problems for me or her family. Everybody I've talked to find these recurring episodes humorous whereas I find myself distinctly uncomfortable in her company. 
- Prayaag

Dear Prayaag,
It appears that your landlady is one bored, unhappy homemaker who is looking for some fun. May be she has targetted you as a fine catch. It is best to ignore her and avoid unnecessary contact. May be initially you were extra nice to her considering she was your landlady, so she mistook your genuine concern and friendliness for something else. Just let her be and when you feel she is heading to 'touch' or 'brush past' you (as you say!) pretend to be busy, or that you have to make an important call or in a rush to go out. After a while, she will give up. She will realise that she is getting no attention from you. If you find her really irritating, when your contract deal is over with her, you could look for a new place far away from your present location.