Dear Diana,
I am 21 years old and doing a postgraduate course in computer animation. At the training centre, I am friendly with one of the guys. We get along well and spend a lot of time together even after class. At home, too, I keep talking about him. Last week, my mother told me to invite him home. Things went fine when he was around, but after he left my mother threw a fit. She did not like the way he was dressed, the way he talked and the stuff he spoke about. In short, she detested him. She has told me to cut off ties with him. It is not that I am planning a future with him. He is just an acquaintance for now. I am fond of him, but there is nothing more to it. Ever since my mother's outburst, I have been upset. I stopped interacting with him and he is wondering what is wrong with me. I do not know what to tell him. Nor do I know what he thinks of me. In class, too, I avoid him. As she is a single mom and I am her only child, my mother is extra cautious about me.
— Aneesha

Dear Diana
Dear Diana

Dear Aneesha,
Your mother being over protected, she is concerned about your well being. May be she did not take a liking to him. She had her reasons which she related to you. At the same time, there was no need for you to cut off ties with him. You state that he is just a friend and nothing more — at least for now. By avoiding him, he will wonder what is going on. He has no clue what your mother has told you. So, for now, behave as if all is well. There is no need to tell him what your mother thought of him. Your mother feels you are falling in love with him as you keep talking about him. Right now let things be as they are, but if you turn serious about him, then you need to convince your mother.