'My parents want me to get married soon...'

Dear Diana,
I am 23. After I completed my postgraduation, I took up teaching. It has been barely six months since I started working. Now my family members are keen that I get married. I don't have a guy in sight. They have been checking out matchmaking sites and bureaus to find a suitable boy for me. They have told me that I should get married within a year. Either I find a guy for myself or they'll have me married to someone of their choice. I do not want to get married right now nor do I want a traditional wedding. I want to learn chocolate making and travel. I have tried telling them, but they refuse to listen. They have even lined up some prospective guys for me and want me to meet them. How do I tell them I do not want to marry at least for another four years? I have been having major arguments about it.
— Roma

Illustration/Amit Bandre
Illustration/Amit Bandre 

Dear Roma,
Instead of being on a collision course with your family, try and explain to them the reasons why you are not planning marriage for the next couple of years. They have their reasons and you have yours. They are looking at it as defiance while you feel they are being hard on you. So try and find a way where you two can be at peace with each other. As you have just completed your studies and started working, may be you need some time to pursue something which you always wanted to, but could not. In your case it is chocolate making and travelling. You can pursue your hobbies and at the same time remain open to marriage. They can look for guys, but that does not mean you have to wed immediately. There is no harm meeting prospective suitors — you never know when love will happen. Or perhaps you might meet someone.

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