'My wife and I keep fighting all the time...'

Dear Diana,
My wife and I have not been getting along for some time now. Whenever we talk we argue and then do not talk for days. She remains out of the house till late night neglecting the home front and our six-year-old son who is looked after by the maid. I believe deep down she’s cheating on me, but I am not sure what really is going on. I’m at breaking point now.
— Kevin

Illustration/Amir Bandre
Illustration/Amir Bandre 

Dear Kevin,
All is certainly not well and if it is leading to a breaking point, you need to take a decision. First pinpoint why you two are flaring up. Is it anger management issues? Or has your married life now reached a point where you two can’t stand the sight of each other? You also need to take a decision whether to continue in the marriage. Talk to your wife and take a stand. You suspect that she is having an affair, so ask her forthright. It looks like your marriage is over and if you want to salvage it, you need to work on the relationship big time and keep the anger at bay. Are you prepared to forgive and forget? From the looks of it your wife is in no mood to relent. So weigh the pros and cons and take a decision.

Dear Diana,
I’ve been dating my boyfriend for a year and he seems like a caring guy. We talk about a home, marriage and babies. I genuinely see myself having a life with him. However, we are currently in a long-distance relationship and wonder if it is possible?
— Namrata

Dear Namrata,
As they say distance makes the heart grow fonder. If you are in love and care for each other, there is nothing that can stop you two from being together. At the moment your relationship is going strong despite the difference. So do not think too much about this aspect. After marriage one of you can think about relocating.

Diana will solve it!
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