New Delhi: The BJP faced a major embarrassment yesterday when whistle-blower website WikiLeaks clarified that BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi was never described as ‘incorruptible’ or ‘the lone honest Indian politician’ in the US diplomatic cables released by the website in 2011.

In a series of tweets posted early Monday morning, WikiLeaks said the US cables, sent by Mumbai Consular General Michael S Owen in 2006, had only quoted Rajkot Congress Party leader Manoharsinh Jadeja.

False: One of the posters put up by BJP supporters showing WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange endorsing Narendra Modi. However, yesterday, the website clarified their stand

The tweets further said Modi’s supporters had pushed fake propaganda that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange endorsed him. The clarification was given with respect to the cables sent by Owen about a meeting with Modi in 2006.

The cables were leaked by WikiLeaks in 2011. In the cables, Owen described in detail his meeting with Modi, in which the saffron leader had dwelled on the economic progress his state Gujarat was achieving. He also informed in detail about his conversation with Modi on human rights violation in the state post the Godhra riots.

After the cables were released in 2011, Narendra Modi had expressed happiness at being called incorruptible.
He had released a statement on his website that read: ‘I am glad America admits Modi is incorruptible’.
The BJP also cashed in on the opportunity, saying the cables proved that Modi was the lone politician in India to be honest, fearless and clean.