NBA: Mumbai's Vivek Ranadive leads charge to oust Clippers owner Donald Sterling

Washington: Mumbai-born Vivek Ranadive, the first and only Indian-American owner of a US National Basketball Association (NBA) team, is leading the charge against fellow team owner Donald Sterling accused of making racist comments.

Vivek Ranadive
Vivek Ranadive

Sacramento Kings owner Ranadive expects his fellow NBA owners will vote unanimously to force Sterling, who has been banned by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver for life and fined $2.5 million, to sell the LA Clippers.

Ranadive, who emphatically supported Silver’s ruling on Tuesday, reiterated his stance on Wednesday on ESPN Radio “Mike & Mike.” “I would be surprised if this was not a unanimous vote,” Ranadive was quoted as saying. “The owners are amazing people. They’re colour-blind and I expect a unanimous vote.”

Ranadive said he was shocked and outraged by Sterling’s comments, which were revealed over the weekend as part of an audio recording. “I have had overwhelming support for this position,” he said. “People were outraged by these comments. This is really a global game. You’ve people from all parts of the world, all skin colours, religions.”

Obama backs NBA's stern step

Washington: US President Barack Obama, an avid basketball fan, has voiced his support for the NBA’s decision to life ban LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling. Obama, “believes the NBA has done the right thing,” spokesman Jay Carney said. — AFP

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