That's how Ameeth, the vocalist of the Chennai-based band Junkyard Groove, describes the music that the group will play tonight

The show must go on. It's probably something guitarist and vocalist Ameeth Thomas from Chennai-based band Junkyard Groove reminded himself of when one morning he woke up to find that his band members had walked out on him.

Ameeth Thomas

"I found out from Facebook that the rest had quit the band. It was almost like breaking up over an sms," remembers Ameeth.
But the incident never made him want to dissolve the band. Instead, Junkyard Groove is back with a bang with Ameeth and a completely new line up featuring Sajith Satya on the bass, Shashank on drums and Naveen Thomas on the guitar. Tonight will see the first performance in the city of the reformed group.

Ameeth assures that new members do not mean new sound for Junkyard Groove. He explains that the band still plays alternative punk rock and the songs are original and chronicle the joys and sorrows of human existence. However, he admits that the new line up also means additional flavour.

Naveen Thomas

"Each musician has a different touch and that shows. We are also experimenting with some Electronic Dance Music," says Ameeth. He adds that Junkyard Groove has always believed in playing original music and that does not depend on change in the band's composition.

"People can listen to DVDs at home if they want covers. Our fans come to have fun and listen to good music. It does not matter who plays but what is being played," explains Ameeth.
As a treat, the band also promises to  sing songs from their unnamed album to be released early next year. Book your seats right now if you wish to head bang with the new members of Junkyard Groove.

Where Hard Rock Cafe, St Mark's Road
On November 10, 8.30 pm onwards
Call 41242222