Producer Nikhil Sinha won lot of accolades for 'Mahadev' is again getting positive feedback for his magnum opus 'Siya Ke Ram' on Star Plus. On being asked how the response to the show is Nikhil says, "People are loving Siya Ke Ram because it is different from other shows.

Nikhil Sinha
Nikhil Sinha

Many Ramayan shows were there but this Ramayan is different and people are finding it fresh because the concept is different and some stories that are not shown in other Ramayan shows we are showing that thing.

The best compliment was that we have started watching TV again because this show is so unique and the perspective of Sita is very interesting and production values are extraordinary"

On being asked what changes do you find in industry 2015 he says, “The standard of industry is falling down? The content is unpredictable and superstitious story are ruling ahead so in a way rather than competing we are going down”.

On being asked what changes you feel should be brought he says, "The positive stories should be shown and content should be progressive. The shows must be more realistic, encouraging and the show which give positive impact on society". On being asked what is your New Year Resolution he says, "To make more shows like 'Siya Ke Ram'".