No vandalism for votes this V-Day

Except for a stray incident in Santacruz where two youths stoned a shop selling Valentine merchandise, V-Day passed off peacefully in the city and actually came up smelling roses, unlike earlier, when the moral brigade would threaten all those who dared to celebrate the day of love.

There are various excuses being trotted out for an event- free Valentine's Day. The one that resonates the most is that no political party wanted to spoil this day and risk its followers being accused of vandalism, considering that elections are tomorrow. Another theory being forwarded is that miscreants have realised that breaking shops and threatening couples is no longer giving them the mileage that they seek in the media.

Media outlets -- now wise to the fact that most of these protests have no ideology behind them but are excuses for garnering publicity -- have refused to give them the attention that they got earlier. The novelty has worn off, the people have woken up.

The media has wised up and the entrepreneurs, riding on the marketing hype, have continued to sell roses,  teddy bears and all the paraphernalia of love, never mind the hooligans hollering outside, threatening to break glass fronts and put a spear through all those fluffy hearts on sale.

One can also recall the specious argument that these so-called keepers of morality had used, claiming that it was against Indian culture to celebrate V-Day. They terrified couples with mob power. Today, all that concern about Indian culture seems to have vanished into thin air, proving that concern only comes when it is convenient, and that the well-worn culture argument was simply a lot of hogwash.

A soft approach by political parties now suits their purpose. This Valentine's Day, these hypocrites seem to have found a new love -- young Indians. Cupid may be stupid, but not the people who have seen through these parties and their flip-flop ideologies.

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