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Carter Road gets a Bollywood-inspired restaurant with Italian, Indian and Chinese dishes on its menu. Sadly, the filmi association ends with dialogues scribbled on its floor

Carter Road's cuisine-pampered promenade gets yet another entrant. This one, as the name suggests, is inspired by Bollywood. It's hard to miss, given the bright green neon signboard that momentarily blinds you.

Pollo Con Ajos Y Vino Bla (Rs 360) redeemed our faith in the chef

Once the iris adjusts, the interiors are fun. So, what's unique about Wah! Bollywood? It's large, loud and scattered with movie memorabilia. A slew of film posters line the walls while cute murals of Bollywood characters find space along the beams. You walk on tiles that carry iconic dialogues from Hindi films.

But that's where the Bollywood experience ends. The menu is the regular Italian-Chinese-Indian combination. The restaurant doesn's serve alcohol We'd have expected an interestingly designed movie inspired menu or stewards dressed like villains, perhaps.

The Italian Parmesan Chicken (Rs 280) was the quintessential bread crumbed fried chicken served with French Fries and Cocktail epee. It carried a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese that we think could have been more generous.

The Cheese Garlic Bread (Rs 150) was disappointing, and similar to what your local sandwichwala would whip up. Can a restaurant serving Italian afford to go wrong with its Garlic Bread?

Next, we tried the Pollo Con Ajos Y Vino Bla (Rs 360) -- chicken breast with a black olive, cherry tomato, garlic wine sauce, served with mashed potato and stir fried vegetables. This fancy dish redeemed our faith in the chef, and we fought to the last morsel to keep the flavours going on the tongue. Delicious.

Ditto for the Prawns Newberg (Rs 380) -- stir fried prawns cooked in a creamy tomato white wine sauce served with butter parsley rice and garlic vegetables. The brownie points in this review are for the main course spread.
To wrap it up, we ordered a portion of Dark Chocolate Crepes (Rs 200) -- an interesting combination of chocolate-milk mixture and fried flour batter. Our only grouse -- the batter wasn't allowed to rest well, resulting in a flaccid coating.

At: B/2, Gagangiri Co-Operative Housing Society, off Carter Road, Khar (W).
Call: 26054716 / 32229931

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