Maharashtra Navnirman Sena chief Raj Thackeray has blamed Bihari migrants for the gang rape of a girl in New Delhi. He is reported to have said that there have been several cases slapped against him but nobody is speaking out from where these men (rapists) have come from. They are all from Bihar. He spoke out while addressing a public function in Goregaon.

This is the worst possible way for Raj Thackeray to use a platform to buttress his warped views. Today, when the nation is united in its anger, when people are protesting together, the last thing they want is a wedge drawn North and South, East and West or state against state.

Now is the time for leaders to reflect and use their clout to question attitudes towards women. To think and work on ways of improving security. Most of all, to press like the public is doing, for law reforms so that women, equal stakeholders in the system, get justice and rape laws are amended.

Instead, people are hearing statements that are the last word in ridiculousness from politicians. Now, Raj Thackeray is attempting to hijack this to further his divisive agenda. Humiliation of and assaults on women are happening across the country. They are not restricted to one state, one caste or language.

Instead of talking about what he and his party, the MNS could do to make women feel safer, he has dragged the Bihar angle into this tragic issue. The world’s eyes are on India and there are international voices talking about how this country treats its women. And all Raj Thackeray can do is sulk like a petulant child about how nobody is talking about Bihari rapists. Despicable, to say the least.