His supporters held a 'say no to bribe' drive at Parliament Street police station on Bhagat Singh's birth anniversary

Volunteers of India Against Corruption visited the Parliament Street police station on the occasion of Bhagat Singh's birthday and held a campaign 'say no to bribe'. The volunteers asked police officials to take an oath that they will not accept any kind of bribe in the future. They asked them to give them in written that they will work honestly, to which few of the constables and head constable readily obliged.

Pause for the cause: Members of India Against Corruption request
police personnel to sign a declaration against corruption at Parliament
Street police station, in New Delhi on Wednesday. PIC/Rajeev Tyagi

However, a senior police official refused to take any oath and brushed the volunteers aside. Nearly 100 people had gathered at the DC's office with a declaration in hand, stating that the office of the DC would not accept bribe or allow their colleagues to take bribe. Surprisingly, the deputy commissioner, Ashok Mohapatra, out rightly refused to sign the declaration saying that he would have to first seek the permission of the commissioner.

"The whole campaign was planned on Facebook and there were around 150 volunteers there who joined the campaign. While we are there, the ACP of New Delhi was not present. Around 100 junior police officials actively participated in the campaign. We are planning to carry out such campaigns in future also," said Karan, a volunteer of the India against corruption camp.

Rajkumar, another member of the team, said, "It is shocking that the DC refused to sign a piece of paper that just said he would neither indulge in corruption himself nor allow his colleagues to do so." Starting this week, the volunteers plan to visit various government offices with the tricolour in hand and get declarations signed from officials.