Now dine without credit cards, cash with new app

New Delhi: Imagine eating out at a restaurant without having either cash or your debit card and credit card! It's now possible with a cashless dining app Ruplee.

Ruplee, a brainchild of Natasha Jain, redefines the payment of food and beverage bills through mobile phones across multiple top trending restaurants in Delhi-NCR including Café Warehouse, Townhouse Cafe, Boombox, Flying Saucer, OTB, Fork You, Raas, Chaman Lal, Lazeez Affaire, Maquina and Pure Punjab.

"With a technologically flexible vista of doing transactions, Ruplee seeks to bring evolved services to consumers which makes the payment process smart, seamless and secure," Jain, CEO and co-founder, Ruplee, said in a statement.

Currently available on Google Play Store, the app enables users to pay all 'eating out' bills via inbuilt payment mechanisms.

It also lets users keep a tab of payment history, while offering a peek into spending activities. Built by payment and security experts, Ruplee is using an Indian payment gateway, which follows the Reserve Bank of India guidelines for payment processing.

Users can pay securely by entering their CVV and 3D secure pin each time they transact.

The app will soon be available on iOS and a new version of app will be out soon with more features and usability.

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