Now, Quran at the click of a button has launched a GSM mobile handset, called 'Qur'an mobile', which has features such as complete Qur'an recitation by seven important Qaris and translation in 29 languages

Now you can hear complete holy Qur'an recitation in the voice of seven Qaris (a person who recites the Qur'an with proper rules of recitation) along with translation in 29 languages, including Urdu, English, Bengali, Malayalam and Tamil at the press of a button., an online product comparison firm, in a joint venture with Malaysian digital Islamic products maker ENMAC Engineering, launched Monday a GSM mobile handset MQ3500, also called 'Qur'an mobile' to cater to the Muslim community in the Indian market.

Mobile religion: CEO Anuj Kanish (right) with co-founder
Rama Sharma in New Delhi on Monday. The handset is already available
in Dubai, Pakistan and Malaysia. PIC/imtiyaz khan

Priced at Rs 3,950, the dual SIM phone has in-built features such as complete Qur'an recitation, auto silent mode during prayer times, Qur'an translation in 29 languages, prayers, Tafseer (commentaries on Qur'an) and Hadith (sayings of the Prophet), apart from basic features such as GPRS and FM radio.

"This first of its kind product has a huge market in India. It will cater to the specific needs of the Muslim community, such as timely information on important dates, prayer timings and content for daily prayers. The phone is the perfect device for people desiring anytime, anywhere access to Holy Qur'an, at a price they can afford," said co-founder and CEO Anuj Kanish.

To be retailed soon
The handset is already available in Dubai, Pakistan and Malaysia, among other locations, he added. The dual SIM GSM handset is available for sale on the website and is also in discussion with partners to explore the retail format. The company is also looking at introducing more digital products from the Enmac stable, such as Islamic eBook, Pen Qur'an, and other Qur'an mobile models.

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