Now traffic cops can perform CPR on injured

Nov 15, 2011, 06:34 IST | Imran Gowhar

In a bid to improve traffic management effectiveness, the city police are now being trained in basic life support procedures to attend to accident victims during the 'Golden Hour'.

BGS Global hospital, as part of the corporate responsibility, is training over 3,000 traffic policemen to possibly play a pivotal role in saving lives.

Cops will perform CPR and keep victims breathing till help arrives

This training will help them to acquire special skills required to deal with emergencies faced by accident victims at accident sites.

First on site
They will now be capable of performing Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), keeping victims breathing, preventing choking and in the process increase the chances of survival and hence save lives. Trained doctors from the hospital using videos, practice demos, presentations etc, will impart these skills to participants.

Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Dr M A Saleem, said, "The traffic policeman is generally the first person to reach the spot after a road accident. One of the important responsibilities of a traffic policeman is to provide medical aid to the injured person as quickly as possible.

This also involves providing first aid and shifting the patient to the hospital. Many a time, the traffic policeman is not sufficiently trained to handle medical emergencies. Bangalore Traffic Police are profusely thankful to the initiative, which would  go a long way in saving precious human lives on the roads."

For the citizens
Dr Arun L Naik, Consultant Neurosurgeon, BGS Global Hospitals, who is leading the training session,  said, "BGS Global Hospitals has always been doctor-driven and patient-centric in it approach.

As part of corporate social responsibility initiatives, we are supporting many causes for the citizens of the state. We have started Basic Life Support Training for the traffic police as another CSR initiative to support the traffic police in their endeavor to make city roads safer."

Hospitals will provide free first aid kits for all traffic police patrolling vehicles and about 1,000 autos in specified zones. Meanwhile, over 100 traffic police personnel attended the inauguration and then attended the training session, which followed thereafter.

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