Japan's Fukushima University researchers are considering proposal to measure forest radiation level in Fukushima Prefecture by fitting special monitoring collars on wild monkeys.

The project would be first implemented in Minamisoma city by spring of 2012, the Japan Times reports.

Though the radiation level in forests is currently monitored through helicopters, researchers said they would be able to obtain more accurate data through monkeys.

Each collar fitted on the monkey would be equipped with a small radiation meter and a Global Positioning System (GPS) transmitter, and can be unclipped by remote control system.

The survey would target female monkeys because males sometimes leave their troops

The project also is designed to check the radiation exposure of wild animals and measure radiation level near the ground through GPS, the researchers said.

The research team led by Robotics Professor Takayuki Takahashi would gather data within one or two months after which the monkeys would be released into the wild.