A man, who was visibly under the influence of alcohol, has been arrested in Norway for driving the wrong way down a highway in his electric wheelchair.

According to the police, the 84-year-old man took to the road near his home in the southern Norwegian town of Porsgrunn and passed through a 184-metre tunnel before turning around and taking the same tunnel again.

The man was stopped by two motorists who called the traffic police, after which his driver's licence was confiscated on the spot and blood test was taken - the results of which are yet unknown.

"He was visibly drunk," the Herald Sun quoted Kjell Ove Ljosaak, a local police official as saying.

Since motor vehicle laws do not apply to wheelchairs, the police are looking for a way to cancel the man's license.

"He can also expect a fine since highways are off-limits to pedestrians and wheelchairs," Ljosaak added.