Of faery tales and magic

Explore newer realms of existence with the Faery Festival at Wiccan store, Magick

For those willing to experiment new boundaries of connecting with nature through Wicca, a pagan form of religion, the Faery Festival, to be held at Wiccan store, Magick, might be the place to head to. According to Wiccan beliefs, faeries or fairies are positive energy beings that protect you and help you become one with nature. Angels, too, are considered to be positive fairies that are said to help humans.

Faery amulet
Faery amulet

At this festival, you can shop for amulets, faery blessings, magical oils, and candles that help you banish demons and invoke guardian angels. Look out for stocking statuettes and artefacts that have been shipped from around the world. Other magical items include, tarot cards, natural stones, and smudge sticks.

Faery statue
Faery statue

To be held on the occasion of summer solstice (June 21), you can take this interest a step further, and be part of a Wiccan ritual where you will be able to connect with faeries that will help heal. If convinced, you can also enroll for a course. As part of the festival, all tools and décor will be available at a 10% discount.

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