Three people, including two office boys from a franchise of a well-known company, have been arrested for allegedly withdrawing Rs 1 crore by using fake identities and forged signatures on cheques and company letterhead.

The Malad police had received a written complaint from Sanjay Shah, director of Real Value Leasing Pvt Ltd — a franchise of Anchor Group of Companies — to conduct investigations after he noticed that someone had withdrawn R1 crore from the company’s account on November 9 last year. The owner had submitted the letter on November 24.

While investigating the case, the police officers found that one office boy named Rajesh Salap had been given the responsibility of handling the company’s bank account. He was tasked with withdrawing and depositing the money of the company.

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When the police checked the CCTV of the bank on the day of the withdrawal, they saw Salap and arrested him on suspicion. During interrogation, Salap confessed to the crime.

Salap told the police that he had applied for a new cheque book for the company. He had then forged the signature of the owner and prepared a forged letterhead of the company.

The bank, however, needed an identity proof for withdrawing such a huge amount. To facilitate that, Salap and his accomplices used the PAN card of Sunil Dhondiraam Kamble.

The police have arrested Kamble and Ganesh Tondelkar, the other office boy, for planning the theft.

Police says
“We suspect that these three were not the only ones in the crime and suspect that one of the bank employees was helping them, since the bank did not even inform the company about such a huge amount being withdrawn,” said a police officer from Malad police station.