Oh deer! Another spotted doe found dead near SGNP in Mumbai

Two days after female deer turns into roadkill, a four-year-old that was separated from its herd and chased by langurs, succumbs to injuries

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Barely two days after a female spotted dear was killed when it rammed into an autorickshaw, another doe was found dead near Sanjay Gandhi National Park yesterday. While the cause of death is unclear, locals said the deer had separated from its herd and was seen being chased by langurs.

On Saturday morning, residents of Mulund's Amar Nagar saw an injured spotted deer lying on the ground. Locals immediately reached out to NGO Plants and Animal Welfare Society (PAWS). A team from PAWS rushed to the spot, along with a rescue group from the forest department. However, the deer had died before it could receive any medical help. The body was later taken to SGNP, where a post-mortem was conducted to ascertain the cause of death.

When contacted, Dr Shailesh Pethe, veterinary officer at SGNP, confirmed that the deer had died of shock. "The deer died due to fracture of rib and internal haemorrhage in the chest cavity that led to hypovolemic shock and death," he said.

Ramdas Athawale
Ramdas Athawale

Athawale adopts SGNP leopard
Republican Party of India (A) chief Ramdas Athawale will be adopting a leopard from Sanjay Gandhi National Park as part of the animal adoption programme that was started by authorities in 2014. Confirming it, an official from SGNP said, "The family will finalise the leopard they will help raise." Source said that the family has already paid a demand draft of over Rs 1 lakh to SGNP.

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