OLA! Raise a toast to the Flamenco

The much-awaited Flamenco dance spectacle Antologia Flamenca will take Mumbai on a mesmeric trip that traces its history from inception to present-day form

Arguably, one of the most passionate and expressive dance forms, Flamenco's mysterious yet charming ways arouses a curiosity that is hard to quell. With an aim to throw more light on this beautiful dance form from the Spanish territory of Andulasia, three talented Flamenco dancers who call themselves Antologia Flamenca, have come together to trace the journey of Flamenco from the Classical era to its present-day form.

The Antologia Flamenca Company

The talent of these dancers has culminated in an unforgettable performance which carries the name of the group -- Antologia Flamenca, and means the story of Flamenco. The performance organised by the ICCR (Indian Council for Cultural Relations), will be held this Wednesday at the NCPA.

United we dance
The show was conceptualised in early 2011 with an aim of telling people about the history of this age-old art form. Lucero C rdenas, who has been learning Flamenco since the age of four, decided to collaborate with talented dancers from other countries to form this group.

The group presently includes Lucero C rdenas (dancer), Elena Mart �n (dancer), Isaac Barbero (dancer), Beatriz Garcia (flamenco singer), Jesus de Joaquin (Guitar) and Aniol Mir (Caj n -- a percussion instrument). "All the dancers come from different backgrounds. But, I can definitely vouch that each of them is a great performer," says Iratxe Pazos, the manager of Antologia Flamenca.

Lucero C rdenas has been learning the Flamenco since she was

"The group has already performed in Japan and after its performance in India, they will tour across the globe, with their performances,"shares Pazos. A respected Flamenco dancer, Pazos feels Flamenco is an extremely passionate dance form. "It's an expression of deep feelings. It is not related to any religion. It translates episodes from our day-to-day life as well," she adds.

Timeline: Flamenco
The audiences will be taken through the evolution of Flamenco right from its inception. Performers will move from the first stage of the Spanish dance form done outdoors under the moonlight with lanterns to the mid-nineteenth century when Brown Singers became famous owing to Flamenco.

It was during this period that Flamenco styles began to be defined. Soon, this gave way to newer forms of expression in the dance incorporating newer elements beyond the traditional. UNESCO declared Flamenco as one of the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity in 2010. Today, Flamenco is an internationally recognised dance form.

On Wednesday, 7 pm; At NCPA, NCPA Marg, Nariman Point; Call 22813572 / 22813302

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