St Stanislaus and Naval Public School (Colaba) have been banned on disciplinary grounds. Olympians Joaquim Carvalho, Marcellus Gomes and Hillary Gomes have shot a letter, a copy of it is with MiD DAY, to Rodrigues reconsidering MSSA’s decision. 

Former India hockey coach Carvalho felt banning is not the solution. “Discipline is very important. I feel the MSSA should call both the school teams and their coaches and impose a fine and send out a stern warning. These kids are young and they need to be told how to conduct themselves. By banning them, it might make the situation worse,” said Carvalho, who was a part of the hockey team for the 1984 Los Angeles Games.

Hillary felt the ban was too harsh. “The school authorities should ensure such misconduct does not happen again. MSSA should take action, but banning is too harsh on school kids,” he said.