One foot under

Sep 07, 2011, 07:54 IST | Faisal G Tandel

Owing to deep cracks in the foundation, 35-year-old building in Behram Baug sinks, forcing 200 residents to vacate their homes

It was a living nightmare for 200-odd residents living in Rahimabad, a six-storeyed building in Behram Baug in Jogeshwari as they had to leave their beloved houses after the building sank one foot because of the deep faults in the foundation of the old building.

The 35-year-old building developed major cracks in the foundation fearing which approximately 200 residents vacated the premises

On Sunday morning, residents of the six-storeyed building started to notice some cracks in the foundation of the building but paid no heed to them.

However, on Monday, the building sank forcing approximately 200 residents to vacate the building.

Surveying the damage, Deputy Municipal Commissioner, Zone IV, BMC Ashok Khaire, said, "We had inspected the building and sent a notice for demolition as it was dangerous.
Demolition on the building will start tomorrow under the supervision of the structural consultant. As it was owned by a private builder, BMC is not responsible for it."


We had taped up the cracks that we noticed on Sunday night but the next day the tape on the cracks were no longer present, as the faults had become deeper. Fortunately for us, no one got injured.
Mohammed Jahid Usman, owner of Firdous hotel situated on the ground floor of the building

We never thought we would be put in this situation. All the residents have left the building with their belonging and shifted in with their relatives or found alternate housing. It is sad that this has happened. We hope the building is demolished before it causes any damage especially to the building situated behind ours.
Abba Yusuf, resident

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