Decision to allow vehicles to move only from Juna Bazaar end to Shivajinagar court end taken to ease congestion, say traffic police

One-way traffic on Dengle bridge has now been made a permanent feature, with vehicles allowed to move on it only from the Juna Bazaar end to the Shivajinagar court end. The traffic pattern near the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) and the Regional Transport Office (RTO) has seen changes as a result of the decision.

The traffic police said their decision to allow use of the bridge to only those vehicles going from Kumbhar Ves junction to Annabhau Sathe junction was taken to decongest the area. The traffic police cited the narrowness of the bridge as the main reason behind the move. They said the bridge was not able to accommodate heavy traffic coming from Juna Bazaar and Congress Bhavan roads, causing major bottlenecks at Annabhau Sathe and Kumbhar Ves junctions.

The bridge does not have road dividers, which used to aggravate the traffic situation and increase the chances of accidents taking place. The bridge had been made one-way a month ago on an experimental basis, and since then the traffic police had been studying the resultant effect on traffic flow.

Police Inspector (Traffic Planning) Vijaykumar Palsule said motorists wanting to go to the RTO and other areas could always take the Shivajinagar court road from Annabhau Sathe junction, which would take them directly to the Juna Bazaar junction.

"Traffic coming from Juna Bazaar road usually completely occupies the bridge, leaving no space for traffic coming from Congress Bhavan road. This used to cause crowding at Annabhau Sathe junction," he said.
The situation would get worse on Wednesday and Sunday, when one lane of the road leading to Juna Bazaar junction is occupied by stalls that are part of the bi-weekly flea market. "The one-way will reduce congestion on the open lane, which is also used by PMPML buses, on the two days (of the flea market)," said another
traffic cop.